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KTW.Business Advisors is a brand we've created to provide our current and past clients with broad access to knowledge, contacts, and business opportunities. Leveraging our expertise and experience in business advisory, legal matters, and processes related to supporting companies and organizations in the acquisition and sale of their assets, we deliver comprehensive services in each of these areas. We assist both mature businesses that have been operating in the market for many years and startups that are just beginning their journey in the business space.


About us

In each of these cases, we can effectively select the right tools, define the direction of development, and identify potential investment goals. Our many years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs from various industries such as manufacturing, services, media, and finance pay off in projects executed for our clients. Our primary goal in collaboration is to build relationships, enhance business efficiency, and monetize projects in line with our clients' expectations.

Business Support

  • Financial Audits
  • Financial Model Building
  • Development, Standardization, and Optimizationof Business Processes
  • Audits and Implementation of Document Workflow Systems
  • Crafting Long-term Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Audits and analyses aimed at building an investment proposal
  • Financial model construction
  • Creation of project documentation:
    Teasers, investment memoranda
  • Business valuation
  • Support in the due diligence process
  • Investor search
  • Identification of investment targets

Projects Related to Mergers
or Acquisitions

Real Estate and Investments

  • Support in property search
  • Support in property sales
  • Legal analysis of property situations
  • Comprehensive organization of the acquisition or sale process

Support for Startups

  • Assessment of the Current Situation
  • Advisory and Active Support in Building Business Processes: Trade, Operational Efficiency, Scaling Operations
  • Active Search for Financial or Industry Investors
  • Coordination of Subsequent Funding Rounds

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